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Customize Your IPTV

If you are using a SmartTV or Device with low memory (less than 4 Gb) it's highly recommended to select only a few groups (Countries that you are sure to watch) to get better performance


  • Fast Activation
  • +8700 Channels & 40000 VOD
  • 4K, FHD & HD Channels
  • Anti Freeze Technology
  • 99.99% Up-time Servers
  • Available Worldwide
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Payments

187 reviews for Royal IPTV Subscription – 24H Trial

  1. Alain

    the trial was very good it’s time now to get my 1 year subscription

  2. Samuel

    Works fine in uk

  3. SAMIR TAWFIK (verified owner)

    Trial proved great and would recommend it

  4. lawrence paterson

    No problem..great service

  5. Massoud Poustchi (verified owner)

    This is Mac from Spain.
    I used MYMA OTT and found the service to be very good.
    Their response time is excellent,  and they have a wide range of live channels and VOD from various countries.
    I would recommend them to anyone looking for an IPTV service that is there amongst the best and reasonably priced.

  6. Rob Heuvelman (verified owner)

    It only takes a few minutes and it’s settled. Fine quality and lots of choice

  7. Peter (verified owner)

    Fast service en streaming.

  8. Rafik zaaim (verified owner)

    great service and would recommend it

  9. Maurice (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several services and so far this is the best one.

  10. Wilsy Christiaan (verified owner)

    Good and very fast service. Looking forward to enjoy this service the following 12 months

  11. wil (verified owner)

    Good and very fast service. My questions were answered very fast and correctly. Looking forward to enjoy this service the coming 12 months

  12. Andrejus Safonovas (verified owner)

    Just finished my 24h trial and to be honest it was the best so far from few other providers i tried in last week. The only problem I encountered was with EPG not showing, but the problem was due to provider updating channels, at least thats the answer i got from very fast support. Better than Sky or Virgin least i can say! Ordering another 6 months!

  13. Rob van Uden (verified owner)

    great choice of channels in perfect image quality. using it on samsung smart tv with SetIPTV.

  14. Amanda Silva (verified owner)

    Works pretty good and has a good and clear image.

  15. Petronel Duca (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this service on the basis of testing it. I must say I was surprised how fast the channels are loading and how good the image is. No buffering and no lag.
    Thank you.

  16. Wan (verified owner)

    Vandaag getest. Prima product, snelle activering en prima programma menu. Minpuntje is dat de epg niet voor alle zenders beschikbaar is en dat het bij meer zenders mogelijk moet zijn om ze terug te kijken (bijvoorbeeld de filmzenders). Ik ga dit product aanschaffen en kan het iedereen aanbevelen.

  17. Ronald Rijntjes (verified owner)

    The trial works great – going to buy a subscription as quality stays good also.

  18. Daniel Zinndorf (verified owner)

    Worked fine and fast zapping time.

  19. derek taylor (verified owner)

    works brill, and speady

  20. Riné Merks (verified owner)

    Werkt makkelijk en snel

  21. Patrick Strauss (verified owner)

    I have never heard of MYMA OTT before and doing a Google reviews search didnt offer much insights either on how legitimate the service really is. However, they offered a €1 trial service and I thought I would give it a go. I have to say, it works perfectly out of the box; once I had confirmation that my 24hr trial account was set up, the installation of the service on my box went flawlessly and within 2 mins I had access to many channels. Am certainly very surprised about the quality, I’ll keep on testing, but so far, I am impressed with MYMA OTT.

  22. Mohamed El Haloui (verified owner)

    Never heard about this IPTV, just subscribed trial for 1 day. And get surprised with how fast it’s and how many channels they have.
    Would suggest to make also VOD in the country language as well the series TV, that will be great.

  23. Rayan Aharchaou (verified owner)

    Prima lijn, goede kwaliteit en veel zenders + films.

  24. Thorsten Berger (verified owner)

    Had the 24h trial and everything works fine. Nice Quality and good connections without lag.

  25. Paul (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the Royal subscription for a day now and it’s great, has everything I need and the quality of the stream is perfect!

  26. Peter Shannon (verified owner)

    This is one of the best services i have had, all the channels work very well, great quality

  27. Febby Chauvel (verified owner)

    Simple to install, very clear pictures, no buffering at all and great service. Highly recommended!

  28. M Janabi (verified owner)

    This is way better then cable, you get all the channels and then some, I will never go back . Just try it you will enjoy it as much as we all do.

  29. Sjors

    Works perfectly with good quality!! The service is also very helpful and fast. I recommend this to everyone who is looking for a good provider

  30. Russell Tofts (verified owner)

    I contacted their customer service and they were quick to respond. The issue I had however was due to me not them. With the correct info I have found it to be very srable, quick and a great picture, will be buying the 12 month package

  31. Ron Perry (verified owner)

    Got a 24 hr pass really impressed within 10 min got a 1 year pass

  32. Jason Beynon (verified owner)

    Trialed the service. Will definitely be looking into a full package. Very good contact and quick to establish a reliable set up.

  33. Joram (verified owner)

    Very fast customer service, high quality streaming and a lot of VODS and live channels!

  34. Omar Hanid (verified owner)

    5 stars best quality and no buffering so many channels to choose. The best!

  35. Courtney Blount (verified owner)

    First one I have tried and seems faily stable, reliable and quick.

  36. Daniel (verified owner)

    Did the trial and it was very good. The quality is excellent m.

  37. Tihouna A (verified owner)

    Did the trial and it was very good. The quality is excellent m.

  38. Rain Icus (verified owner)

    Very nice and fast :=).

  39. Sean (verified owner)

    Great Product, no lag, perfect picture. Used with Kodi

  40. Marcin K (verified owner)

    At the moment on the trial but everything works perfectly. No stops, great selection of channels.

  41. Bob Smith (verified owner)

    I’m using this on broadband. I’ve transferred over from Helix Hosting which got hacked and shut down. Wife is Chinese, the selection of Chinese channels on Helix was wider, but most of them had a lot of lag. Selection on Royal is smaller but hardly no lag. I only notice a lag on some of the UHD channels, might just be my connection (60 Mbps, I have tons of other Smart devices connected, but the MAG box is connected via Ethernet cable).

  42. Othmane chahdi (verified owner)

    I was amazed by the swift reply of customer support.
    I highly recommend!

  43. Othmane chahdi (verified owner)

    I am amazed by the swift reply customer support offered me and the fast streaming the service is running on.
    I highly recommend this website

  44. Naveed (verified owner)

    I have tried many providers but this one is amazing.

  45. Klokk (verified owner)

    Norwegian sport channels (not some of eurosport channels) works great! All the Norwegian movie channels is with Swedish or Danish subtitle

  46. Tariq Imam (verified owner)

    I had a trial for 24 hours and I found channels from all around the world in good quality pictures and it is stable, reliable and fast. Any issues was swiftly sorted out by the customer support so It was enough to convince me to switch over to IPTV for good! I am going to subscribe for 6 months.

  47. AM Ryan (verified owner)

    Very happy with trial, love that the EPG works.

  48. John Do (verified owner)

    Fast Service! Easy install! Perfect quality and performance. I will keep this one 🙂

  49. Futt Oberfutt (verified owner)

    All works fine

  50. Sedat Babacan (verified owner)

    Easy and Very Good!

  51. Vijay Mulani (verified owner)

    Great picture quality fast customer service , used this on samsung smart tv (non android) works goods and easy .

  52. Antonio (verified owner)

    I loved it can’t find anything wrong with it all worked Good quality picture nice layout on the screen Good costumer support I recommend it you you won’t be disappointed .

  53. mohamed hawas (verified owner)

    a bit more expensive than otheres but good quality

  54. Mario Hergaden

    have used Royal for 1 month now, excellent service, no freezing or lagging and all channels I watched were available all of the time.

    Hope it will stay the same once the PL restarts

  55. sidney dine (verified owner)

    Works great on the trial but there isnt’t a program guide when using SmartIPTV app.

  56. Kurt Halm (verified owner)

    If have been testing now for 3-4 hours. First impression is excellent !! Of course it is impossible to comment on the stability after the short period of time testing.
    + switching channels is very fast
    + picture quality if excellent
    + Selection of channels Top ==> i am missing more 4K Channels like BT Sport or Sky sport UK or Sky Sport Germany

    All in all I will go for a 6 months membership to be able to explore all the features. I will do this tomorrow

  57. smart Paris (verified owner)

    I subscribed for the 24hr trial! It is flawless and a good picture quality! No buffing no lagging! Alot of channels and great movies and TV shows!! Am extending my subscription! Thanks!!

  58. Jamie MacDonald (verified owner)

    Good Quality – No buffering
    Good Communication in emails and the site

  59. Tiho Njegovan (verified owner)

    I just had a trial and I’m more then satisfied with quality of streams. I’m with another provider in the moment, and when deal expires I would certainly come back. There is no perfect iptv provider, we have to know that, but mymaott is very close.

  60. Russell Bowman (verified owner)

    Great service, not one issue on the trial. The only thing that is missing is 3 pm football Uk. Perfect other than that.

  61. Amy Bishop (verified owner)

    Best trial I’ve had from an iptv service. Buying a subscription now

  62. EM Mesker (verified owner)

    I have a 24 hour trial and the response is very good and fast, I shall recommend this provider to all my friends.

  63. yagyesh jayas (verified owner)

    good quality

  64. Peter Bouchr (verified owner)

    Very happy with purchase and testing. No problems encountered.

  65. Emmanuel SAINT-AVIT (verified owner)

    Just trying the 24 hour trial and I’m super happy with the service and the channels offered. Great speed and get quality. Tempted to subscribe 1 year now. Thanks. Emmanuel

  66. Sergio Panadero (verified owner)

    I had been using other IPTV providers, MYMA OTT it is really one o the best. If you want IPTV channels don’t doubt it and go for it with MYMAOTT.

  67. Nayer Girgis (verified owner)

    Very stable connection and high quality channels

  68. Furkan Topalan (verified owner)

    the test version is nice you can use it after 30 mins in my case. You can try it to see if its working.

  69. Sabee (verified owner)

    Great service

  70. Fatima Vancouscous (verified owner)

    Essai très convaincant, je m’abonne. Très stable et très complet!

  71. Dirk De Voeght (verified owner)

    I’m using a formuler Z7+ for 3 years with. In these period I used different providers, this is far the best and most complete experience. All channels with EPG, choice between diff. quality (HD,4K,…) and without hick ups!

  72. walter esposito (verified owner)

    i have other iptv subsription but myma ott is one of the best. excellent channel choice. epg is superb. what i also like is the possibility to choose the countries you prefer to watch.

  73. Adamoedien Taliep (verified owner)

    The 24hr trial is the best you can do for anyone wanting to know about iptv. I am very happy with the package and the service. I will subscribe for one year.

  74. Mm Kamal (verified owner)

    I’m used for Samsung smart tv and I used smart iptv app and I’m quite impressed the quality and the variety of channels they far so good I tried several providers among them this one is good for my.

  75. Jens Rosenkranz (verified owner)

    Läuft absolut Super,kann ich nur empfehlen ! 🙂

  76. David Powers (verified owner)

    Done 24 hour trial and all good. About to subscribe for 3 month package now.

  77. Matthew Carberry (verified owner)

    Great service, I’ve actually watched about 10 hours of tv over the past 24 hours with this service. It’s been a really great quality with almost no buffering at all. Much better than other providers I’ve used.

  78. Jamie Howle (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased another service with someone else but I have been plagued with buffering issues and poor customer support. So I thought I would give MYMA a trial, it’s soooooo good. So much faster at starting a stream and never buffers. I’m very tempted to just go for the yearly package.

  79. Carsten Thomsen (verified owner)

    Used my IPTV on Nvidia Shield TV 2019.
    Some artifacts in a movie we were trying to watch. Some channels didn’t work, and some stopped working,

  80. Helio Tareco (verified owner)

    All the channels works perfectly without frizzing or stopping, once you purchase the subscription you get your link m3u and all and works perfectly on mine device.

  81. Zsolt Farnas (verified owner)

    I have tried tens of services but none of them supported MAG 420W1 but this one does and it works so well. Image quality is excellent.

  82. Neil M (verified owner)

    Signed up to the 24hr trial, requested the UK, USA, Can & Aus channels. Didn’t receive the UK channels. Messaged early this morning but not heard anything back yet. That being said, the speed and quality of what I do have is exceptional. Ready to sign up properly but will wait to see if I hear back about the UK channels first.

  83. Mark Forrest (verified owner)

    so all went very smooth, setup account , requested 24hr trial and had the order compete very quickly, had my IPTV up and running.

    all channels appear to work that I have tried, so really good so far

  84. Tej Giri (verified owner)

    No issue on the trial. will buy 1 months to check further more.

  85. Mikael Dobbie (verified owner)

    I have had other IPTV suppliers before, I think that MYMA OTT has a far better service than other Suppliers I’ve tried.

  86. Irfaan P (verified owner)

    Absolutely brilliant connection. No buffering during match times. So much with MYMA OTT compared to others.

  87. Agim Bejtullahu (verified owner)

    Very good picture quality and well-organised programme guide.

  88. Agim Bejtullahu (verified owner)

    Very good picture quality and well-organised programme.

  89. hussein gheryan (verified owner)

    Just subscribed and i can tell you that . Its the best iptv i’ve ever tried

  90. Nick Harney (verified owner)

    Definitely worth the price. Using on my samsung tv with setiptv and the quality is exceptional. Hope it stays like this. The trial convinced me to purchase!

  91. MANISH VADUKUL (verified owner)

    very good quality and clear list. If you don’t want some channel than ignore. which is great option on checkout….

  92. Brygida (verified owner)

    Just tried 24h and it is the best quality from all the other trials I had. No lags, great channels and wow on the choice of movies

  93. Tim Ngo (verified owner)

    As Todd Howard once said, “It just works.”
    EPG is accurate as opposed to some other services.

  94. jock willis (verified owner)

    Good amount of content, 27/4 is very good with a lot of VOD.

  95. Baros (verified owner)

    Testing the 24 hrs trial and happy with how easy the process was to get started and the quality of the streams. The channel playlist is also extensive. Looking to get a 1-year subscription at the end of my trial.

  96. Daleep Kumar (verified owner)

    I have subscribed for the test period, but found it better than which I was using. Going to subscribe now

  97. Riaz Ahmad (verified owner)

    It’s very nice no freezing stream. It’s flawless but quite heavy file esp for Smart IPTV app on smart tvs. It’s a good idea to choose your countries before buying and get the other channels disabled that you don’t need.

  98. mick grant (verified owner)

    Many services are cheaper but don’t have the quality and selection of channels this service has, 24/7 channels are the best i have had.

  99. Gerarde Connolly (verified owner)

    Tried a few subscriptions, so far this has been the best. Website very easy to navigate, prompt communication, great channel list, could just do with an All selection to store favourites. Very pleased.

  100. Suzana (verified owner)

    Great service so far.

  101. Ana Maria Becheanu (verified owner)

    I have purchased the trial for 24 h and i was nicely surprised how good everythibg works. Now i am looking to buy foe a long term maybe 6 months at least. Ana Maria

  102. Leon van der Panne (verified owner)

    all new series and movies and streams are sharp and stable. 1 new client for sure

  103. Joseph (verified owner)

    I tried the 24 trial, very stable and quick service, nice quality. Probably renew to year subscription! Thanks!

  104. John Doe (verified owner)

    Have been going through a few providers but MymaOTT stands out. Very good selection of the channels (including FHD/4K streams). EPG is good , includes a lot of info and logos for the channels. Fast channel/stream switching. Besides, I like that it is organized in a neat way with proper naming. VOD selection is also great Would definitely recommend the purchase!

  105. Waleed (verified owner)

    I subscribed for the 24hr trial! It is good picture quality! No buffing. Alot of channels and great movies and TV shows!! Am extending my subscription! Thanks!!

  106. Muhammad Kamal (verified owner)

    Excellent iptv service I have ever used, highly recommended. Best service! 4K high definition channels.

  107. johan gorrebeeck (verified owner)

    its the best iptv provider
    lots of channels and much much vods

  108. Michel (verified owner)

    The best you can get for the money.
    Highly recommended!

  109. Peter H. (verified owner)

    I liked the selection of channels in each country. Picture quality is very very good, specially 4k channels. Also, the 24/7 group is huge!

  110. Evangelos Evangelopoulos (verified owner)

    No buffering what so ever. Quality excellent. Only thing missing scheduling future recording, you can only record what is playing now.

  111. Paul Patch

    Got connected within 20min. Connection is stable, channels are as expected. Satisfied with product.

  112. Konstancja (verified owner)

    I was really impressed about how IPTV can be good, fast delivery of service, channels opening fast, no freezes, you earned new customer guys!

  113. Peter Cole (verified owner)

    I’ve only had the 24 hr test and that’s working great,will go the extra step,great connections stable servers,3pm kick offs would be great tho

  114. MBM (verified owner)

    The 24h trial works just fine. Until now the fastest that I have tried. Smooth, stable and pleasant.
    Thank you

  115. Dario Karlen (verified owner)

    Wanted to test the 24h first before I get the yearly subscription. Tested a lot of different providers which have promises on their website which never can be fulfilled.
    This was the first package where the channels actually work in a great quality and speed. And the best – it’s not really expensive. I will definitively go for the one year subscription right NOW!

  116. Grigorios Gklezakos (verified owner)

    Really very good price, very good quality, stable, without sticking. I’ve become your client.

  117. Mihai (verified owner)

    Just tried the 24 hour trial and the speed and quality is great.

  118. James Barber (verified owner)

    Great Service
    Product works really well and is easy to navigate around.

    Would recommend the product

  119. Traian Stanescu (verified owner)

    Trial 1 day Royal one
    Looks very good overall
    Totally recommend

  120. Jean (verified owner)


  121. Ninja Rambo (verified owner)

    I bought a 24 hour trial for a friend of mine who can’t use paypal in the Middle East. He has been tremendously happy with this service and has asked me to buy a 1 month subscription for him.

  122. Javier Garcia (verified owner)

    I purchased the 24 hours and the quality is very good, also very friendly user.


  123. Helen Mahon (verified owner)

    Hi I have recently purchased a 24hr trial for mymaI have found the picture quality very good the streaming of channels excellent I will be definitely getting a longer subscription shortly. Yours Helen

  124. Zsolt Bokor (verified owner)

    Recommend to everyone good quality and not freezing.

  125. nithin mathew (verified owner)

    It has many 4K channels and very good stream
    very fast and reliable
    got my link in less than 1 hour
    very easy to use

  126. Jebu Jacob (verified owner)

    Did a 24Hr Trial and found the link to be so stable, amazing picture quality. The channel list offers almost all the channels I was looking for. Great! Thank You!

  127. Paul Eranzi (verified owner)

    Very good

  128. dim basbu (verified owner)

    One word, the best.

  129. JF R (verified owner)

    I was a bit sceptical, because it’s not the first service I’ve tested. I received the link within a few hours and I must say that I am very positively surprised by the quality of the signal, especially with so many channels in 4K. Really a very nice offer!

  130. K Tavares (verified owner)

    I have used several IPTV providers, and none has been as good as MYMA OTT. Excellent customer services who will always respond and help resolve your issues. Highly recommended

  131. Georgios Alpentzos (verified owner)

    The quality was great and everything worked better than expected. Totally recommended!

  132. Barry H (verified owner)

    Having used various IPTV providers over the years, this is by far the best. No lagging, loads of Live TV Channels, Movies and TV Shows to choose from, connection always appears stable. FHD quality channels, very impressed.

  133. ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΤΖΙΤΖΟΣ (verified owner)

    Best ever

  134. Chris Neitzel (verified owner)

    Over the last few weeks I have been testing several IPTV providers. And since there’s so many of them out there I really needed to know which ones are actually the best in the industry. Most of them have several flaws that vary from freezing/distorted picture to unavailable channels. So far MYMA is one of the best I found out there. Activation is quick and the quality is great! I am convinced and I’m gonna subscribe now! Well done!

  135. WhiteTigerPt (verified owner)

    Good Service

  136. Samuel Yuste muñoz (verified owner)

    Buena opción para ver si funciona en tu dispositivo.
    Funciona bien y recomiendo

  137. Kristian Scott Hogg (verified owner)

    Great service so far! Thanks.

  138. petpis (verified owner)

    Very good !
    The best IPTV !

  139. Ghadeer Jarullah (verified owner)

    I just tried the 24h test and I am happy with it because it is so stable and fast server. I recommend it. just I can’t find the Arabic movies and series and the (cutch up) service doesn’t work.

  140. Jøran Øyen (verified owner)

    All channels works great!

  141. Joeran (verified owner)

    All the channels works great! Best IPTV i have tried so far

  142. Joeran Vaterland Oeyen (verified owner)

    All the channels works great in the 24h test. I will by for 12 months.

  143. Jahangir Jony (verified owner)

    Working very good. Highly recommended

  144. Konsti Martyniuk (verified owner)

    I am really impressed! Super stable, no freeze, good price, highly recommended !!!!

  145. Ioannis Pittas (verified owner)

    It’s work perfekt,
    Very good service

  146. Sabine Jeuris (verified owner)

    is works verry good verry good image and great service

  147. Asterios Patsiarikas (verified owner)

    Excellent service and would recommend it

  148. Dimos Vasileiadis (verified owner)


  149. Yaser Marrero (verified owner)

    I have tried many other services with either lots of freezing or not the HD quality I’m looking for but I was impressed with the quality, good service and variety of channels I found here. Don’t look anywhere else, you will be a satisfied customer.

  150. Fil Defer (verified owner)

    One of the best server. Thanks!!

  151. Rahman (verified owner)

    Fast connections, Good Quality, and No buffering

  152. Jamie zambartas (verified owner)

    Best platform to watch stuff on

  153. Markus Irmer (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several IPTV providers now. I was positively surprised by the service and quality of my trial subscription. The best provider so far. I will probably buy an annual subscription from Myma Ott.

  154. Antonis Lonsos (verified owner)

    Tried 24h trial, was very happy. I`ll continue my subscribe for sure.

  155. Νίκος Σιαφ (verified owner)

    Just trying the 24 hour trial and I’m super happy with the service and the channels offered. Great speed and get quality. Tempted to subscribe 1 year now. Thanks.

  156. Παναγιώτης Πιπίνης (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, I’m very satisfied!!!

  157. mario (verified owner)

    Many Channels are buffer or try to connect

  158. Konsti (verified owner)

    this service definitely deserves only 5 stars, totally not a problem at all, big up!

  159. Mostafa Bouhendjeur (verified owner)

    Really good. Upgrading to the yearly subscription

  160. edsoncosta280 (verified owner)

    Great service, always on. I have tried different providers before and this is by far the best.

  161. Nicky van Meegen (verified owner)

    Ik mis een paar functionaliteiten die ik bij mijn andere account wel heb maar deze is voor de kids verder prima.

  162. Greg (verified owner)

    Το δοκίμασα για ένα 24ωρο πολύ καλό καλό τίμιο 1ευρω χωρίς mag με vlc στο lap top και δεν κολουσε παρόλο π έχω χαμηλή ταχύτητα (3-4mb) πολλα κανάλια όσα χρειάζομαι βασικά και δευτερησ Επιλογής αν κολαει στην πρώτη (vip εννοώ)στο κινητό με το IPTV Smarters , στην tv είχα θέμα (Samsung )

  163. Georgios Chrisikos (verified owner)

    The best very easy install i buy the pack tommorow

  164. D Mitchell (verified owner)

    The quality is good .
    No buffering .
    Customer service was fast .
    Channel selection is great
    Movie selection is very good

  165. Mitchell

    Very good product .
    Low buffering

  166. Franz Hermanns (verified owner)

    Sehr gut …..schnell….gute Auswahl…..stabile verbindung

  167. Sumurduc Cezar Mihai (verified owner)

    I just tried it.Is the best service ever.I intend to get 1 year subscription.As a quality-price it is the best.
    I hardly recommend!

  168. Bayo (verified owner)

    Absolutely great service, all the channels I hoped to get are here. No lagging, good standard. Link arrived very fast, channels are grouped into categories, languages. I am one happy customer, will definitely extend my service.

  169. A Ashs (verified owner)

    Actually what I have been looking for. Very wide verity of channels with good quality and very fast buffering. I am very saftisfied,.

  170. giannis gian (verified owner)

    Very good service, with stable streamming and nice support. Lots lots of channels and nice vod… definitely recommended!!!

  171. Anno (verified owner)

    Veel zenders, ook voor de Nederlandse markt, en een uitstekende VOD.
    Wat betreft haperingen nog niet tegen gekomen

  172. ANDONIS DOMAKIDIS (verified owner)

    Excellent iptv service

  173. Atif Saleemi (verified owner)

    Very quick and great service

  174. Mary Basoukou (verified owner)

    It playing all the channels clearly. I’m so happy that find this. And the prices are delicious for this work.

  175. BeL4 (verified owner)

    Purchased the 24h Trial, received the link couple hours later, had some problems using VLC since it didn’t load all the channels, but after i downloaded IPTV Smarters for PC it worked as intented. Thus i will subscribe for the 6month plan.

  176. Fiorella (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several providers but quality wise this is the best one

  177. Bart (verified owner)

    Works fine

  178. Lucmans (verified owner)

    Works fine in NL

  179. Peter Schmidt (verified owner)

    Super schnell ,
    Super Service

  180. Piotr K.

    I want to order the Service again again and again

  181. Juba Kacha (verified owner)

    Excellent iptv service

  182. Angel (verified owner)

    It doesnt work!!, neither m3u nor xtream, Nobody answer my messages in Telegram.

  183. Ana Maria Becheanu (verified owner)

    Super Produkt 100%!

  184. Ana (verified owner)

    Top Produkt very satisfied fast answer from octott!

  185. Haider Ali (verified owner)


  186. S.B. (verified owner)

    Good trial, lots of channels.

  187. Stian Bergdalh

    Perfect! All the sport channels works great with good quality. Will by 1year subscription.

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