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Customize Your IPTV

If you are using a SmartTV or Device with low memory (less than 4 Gb) it's highly recommended to select only a few groups (Countries that you are sure to watch) to get better performance


  • Fast Activation
  • +7400 Channels & 29000 VOD
  • FHD, HD & SD Channels
  • Anti Freeze Technology
  • 98% Up-time Servers
  • Available Worldwide
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Payments

78 reviews for Deluxe IPTV Subscription – 24H Trial

  1. sarah

    After 1 day of testing, works perfectly I take 1 year subscription is better

  2. hassan

    the test was good

  3. Robert Magyari (verified owner)

    The test line is super and i gone buy a longer subscription.

  4. David (verified owner)

    The test was good. Very estable and great quality. The next purchase will be a mensual plan.

  5. Hussein (verified owner)

    Happy with the service.

  6. Zlatko Sujeranovic (verified owner)

    Very good and sufficient

  7. Rachid Rouane (verified owner)

    Un grand choix de chaines, pas de coupures et bonne Qualité

  8. Markus Heinemann (verified owner)

    I tested, lots of movie channels work perfekt

  9. neil

    Got the 24hr free trial and found great quality and no buffering, also great selection of on demand movies

  10. Andreas Eliades (verified owner)

    A lot better than some of the other IPTV providers I v been with in the past. Defo worth trying

  11. bahram moosivand (verified owner)

    I tried the 24 hours one euro trial to see how is the Iranian channels. The result was not satisfying. About 75% of these changes where SD. I was expecting the will play in HD format.

  12. thierry Broigniez (verified owner)

    Just discovered MYMAOTT yesterday as I was looking for another IPTV provider. I ordered the 24hrs trial. 5 min later I got the details for my MAG254. Very good selection of channel. I recovered channels that I had lost. Very good quality. The channels are very well labeled and organised. EPG is there as well for most channels. All good, ready for the 12 months subscription.

  13. Smart

    I subscribed for the 24 hour trial! it is flawless and good picture quality! no buffing and no lagging! alot of channels and great movies and Tv shows! i will surely stay with this provider! thanks!!

  14. Ùmit Cansaran (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the test line for one day and I’m really impressed by the variety of channels and their image quality. I hope a longer subscription to deliver the same result.

  15. Egal Hund (verified owner)

    Very good, can recommend. Price is nice for the content. Tried a lot of other services ece, but this is incredibly comparable to other. Thanks

  16. Nicklas Peter (verified owner)

    First time using IPTV and did the 24h test. Only have positive feedback, everything works well and the team was also able to assist quickly with my questions.

  17. Paul Paddison (verified owner)

    Just trying 24 hour trial
    very easy to use setup in seconds picture quality very good and responds very quickly

  18. Sinisa Sambolic (verified owner)

    The trial package really have great connection, the image quality is superb. Would recommend to everyone!

  19. Sinisa Sambolic (verified owner)

    The image quality is really great. Would recommend to everyone!

  20. george diffey (verified owner)

    I subscribed to the 24h test and within 10 minutes I had my portal details. For some reason it would not load so i messaged the help department who were great and within minutes i was in. Channels are load great no buffering and great selection. I will be purchasing a 6 month subscription in the morning!

  21. Fadi T (verified owner)

    Great quality and experience so far. Best I have seen out there

  22. Tatios

    Enjoyed the trial for. 24h, channels work without buffering real quick, most of the channels have good quality however some are low. Overall is good, I am renewing my subscription 🙂

  23. Tatios (verified owner)

    Enjoyed the trial for. 24h, channels work without buffering real quick, most of the channels have good quality however some are low. Overall is good, I am renewing my subscription 🙂

  24. Andre Landa (verified owner)

    I subscribed with 24h trial and the results are awesome. I previously used other providers and I was very disappointment with the picture quality and stability. But when tried MYMA OTT and the picture quality is first class and very stable.
    VERY SATISFIED and ready to subscribe for a year.

  25. Mohammad Reza

    I just got a 24 bit trial and so far it has been amazing. So many selections and each channel has 2 backups with FHD and HD. No freezing at all so far. By far the best service I have ever tried. Definitely purchasing a long term subscription.

  26. Nik Robinson (verified owner)

    My other iptv subscription ran out and trialed MYMA for 24 hours and delighted with the selection and quality of stream. Will be renewing for the year. Thank you so much.

  27. Ian Godley

    Great quality FHD streaming plus loads of selections to choose from. Not 1 buffer during my trial. Quality

  28. Oleg Miscencul (verified owner)

    in my opinion until now it is the best tvip provider

  29. Leke (verified owner)

    Tired from other IPTV around ,first time tested 34 h trial Myma and i was very sodisfated. Great job guys.

  30. Ken Roger Larsen (verified owner)

    Meget fornøyd med min 24 timers prøve. Raskt behandlet ordre, og meget stabile sendinger. Den beste IPTV jeg har prøvd,og meget godt utvalg. Kan også velge hvilke landområder man vil ha i pakken, samt abbonnment til en hyggelig pris. Kommer til å bestille med en gang prøveperioden er over.

  31. Alan C (verified owner)

    I was looking for a new IPTV provider. I signed up for the 24 trail it worked a treat. Going to go large on this and sign up for a few months. The streams seem sweet & it appears to tick all the boxes..

  32. demoloty (verified owner)

    I was really supprised that this service worked as it was promised for the full lenght! I bought the 1 year service thanks to this experience, thank you guys for providing this 24h service for testing!

  33. Mauroesteves (verified owner)

    Very good

  34. Jarosław Kułaczkowski (verified owner)

    Best Quality, Great VOD , i will renew

  35. Dayo Olusola (verified owner)

    I Just discovered MYMAOTT I was looking for another IPTV provider. I ordered the 24hrs trial. Few min later I got the details on my email . Very good quality with a lot of channels. The channels are very well labeled and organised. EPG is there as well for most channels. All good, ready for the 12 months subscription. I will definitely recommend MYMAOTTA!!!! 5 stars to MYMAOTTA

  36. Fadi (verified owner)

    Good quality and Selection of channels with minimal buffering. Will commit to a 12 months subscription.

  37. Dave M (verified owner)

    Danke, super schnell und Wahnsinns Qualität

  38. Dave M (verified owner)

    Thank you

  39. gbfmatos (verified owner)

    Very stable on a not so good wifi chip from raspberry pi 3 with osmc, excellent image quality

  40. Yamini Thakur (verified owner)

    Got the 24hr free trial and found great quality and no buffering, also great selection of on demand movies

  41. Constantin (verified owner)

    Really good quality.

  42. Togias togakos (verified owner)

    Very good streams. No freezes

  43. Jason Dejonge (verified owner)

    Mon test de 24h sur un appareil Android TV c’est très bien déroulé.

  44. Haakan Olofsson (verified owner)

    I decided to take a 24 h trial to see if i would go further with a subscripton , and it was awesome. Took not much time before i could start testing if the channels i want was OK.

  45. Akash Shukla (verified owner)

    I tried the 24 Hour trial. I must say it is better than a lot of IPTV providers I have tried. Would love to stick to this.

  46. Guillermo (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and very good stability, at least in the test it did not show freezing, it is a must test subscription for a month to evaluate more rigorously.

  47. Shaun Musgrove

    Nice and easy setup , very impressed with picture quality and amount of channels and no buffering. Will be renewIng for longer.

  48. Varghese Thomas (verified owner)

    Watched the channels Indian/Pakistan. Very clear and fully satisfied. Decided to subscribe for 6 months.

    Varghese Thomas

  49. Al Shad (verified owner)

    Quite satisfied with the quality and the number of available channels. After having a trial, I am now going to order a year service.

  50. Ehssan (verified owner)

    I had experience with many provider but this company is the best one with minimum freezing
    Great team.

  51. MertPat (verified owner)

    great quality, no buffering, great selection of on demand movies!

  52. MertPat (verified owner)

    Beaucoup de choix, super qualité d’image, beaucoup de VOD, rien à dire !

  53. Hagop Okian (verified owner)

    I decided to take 24 h trail to see if i would go further with the subscription, And i Like it a lot , great website no lags at all .

  54. Hagop Okian (verified owner)

    Great website.

  55. André Baptista (verified owner)

    Eu procurava linha em português! E fiz o teste de um dia em Royal e Deluxe e são ambas espectaculares! Recebi logo se seguida o teste e o fóruns com tópicos ajudam a 100%

  56. Panteleimon Papanikolaou (verified owner)

    i tried a 24h royal sub and everything worked perfect! FHD video and the best audio!
    I will buy the Royal IPTV for sure!

  57. Reg Mala (verified owner)


  58. Hussain (verified owner)

    This is my consecutive second year of using myma tv service I can’t ask more from them it’s just flawless with no interruption has all the channels you need one of the best tv service provider in the world

  59. Prodromos Prodromos (verified owner)

    I subscribed for the 24 hour trial!
    I’m very pleased.

  60. David Bratberg (verified owner)

    Tried the 24-hr trial. Took a few hours to get confirmation email on a Saturday morning. Put into Apple 4K and works well. Deluxe package in US gives lots of channels. Didn’t get ESPN channels. Some local channels did not come through. Based on my experience I will subscribe

  61. Evan Tom (verified owner)

    Deluxe IPTV Subscription 24H Test TOP

  62. bakoulis (verified owner)

    I subscribed to the 24h test and the experience was amazing. I with buy the 6-months plan!
    VERY SATISFIED. Great job guys!

  63. fotios (verified owner)

    I decided to take 24 h test to see if I would further with the subscription ( interested for Greece channels / movies )
    I am very happy with the product stable without image sticking / freezing.
    Very good job guys. Well done.
    I highly recommend.

  64. Abdes Kess (verified owner)

    Je suis satisfait de ce test, la qualité est au rendez-vous et et je vais bien prendre un abonnement de 12 mois

  65. Doug Tilley (verified owner)

    Excellent speeds, great variety. Very happy with the service, especially the extensive vod section.

  66. Sagris Panos (verified owner)

    Good quality

  67. NIKOLAOS PERAKIS (verified owner)

    The test was good. Very estable and great quality.

  68. diman10 (verified owner)

    very good image.does not stick.everything is perfect

  69. floopers.iptv (verified owner)

    I musst say, thats the Best IPTV i ever buy. So many Channels and vods

  70. Patrick Junk (verified owner)

    the best IPTV service I’ve tried

  71. spill19 (verified owner)

    Very good streams. No freezes

  72. Caner Anek (verified owner)

    Well organised and never frozen channels.. I definitely love it!!

  73. Piko (verified owner)

    I tried it and it is super. No breaks, lots of channels and vods. Best choice

  74. Georgios Georgiou (verified owner)

    Very good service with all channels that you need to watch sports and films

  75. Jethro Hendji (verified owner)


  76. Rajesh (verified owner)

    So far working well

  77. Stian (verified owner)

    Have tried many IPTV providers. But this is the best! Recomend this if you want IPTV

  78. Stian Bergdalh (verified owner)

    Fast and everything works great!

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