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Original price was: 25.99€.Current price is: 10.94€. for 1 month

Customize Your IPTV

If you are using a SmartTV or Device with low memory (less than 4 Gb) it's highly recommended to select only a few groups (Countries that you are sure to watch) to get better performance



  • Fast Activation
  • +8700 Channels & 40000 VOD
  • 4K, FHD & HD Channels
  • Anti Freeze Technology
  • 99.99% Up-time Servers
  • Available Worldwide
  • 24/7 Premium Support
  • 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • 100% Secure Payments

40 прегледи за Royal IPTV Subscription – 1 Month

  1. Eric

    Subscription works well Thanks for your help

  2. Omar

    After taking 1 month iptv subscription I extended to 1 year
    thank you for the amzing service

  3. SAM

    This is a five star service,I like all the channels and good connection ,good viewing,I can recommend this MYMA OTT to anyone who is looking for a good iptv provider .

  4. svendo34 (потврден сопственик)

    Alles läuft.. super Service… stabil… Gruß

  5. Arian R. (потврден сопственик)

    Hi, I am from Canada and have used Royal IPTV for one month and really impressed with its quality.
    I have experienced a couple of IPTV subscriptions before and this one really works well. Its EPG service is amazing.
    VOD and Series are extensive and you can find almost anything you want to watch. With the help of their support system,
    you can fix any problem in setting up the service.
    Thanks for your great job!

  6. migueleusebiouk

    Smashing service
    thank you

  7. Andreas Betken (потврден сопственик)

    After a week of my one month subscription I am certain that I will stay with this service for a while.

  8. Koray Korukoglu (потврден сопственик)

    Perfectly very stable recommended
    thank you

  9. MJ (потврден сопственик)

    Perfect service. Best IPTV subscription I’ve had. Highly recommend

  10. Stewart Spiers (потврден сопственик)

    Only had the service for one day but it’s working perfectly and the channels and movies are nicely organised into folders!

  11. Jozsef Veress (потврден сопственик)

    I am pleased with this purchase, very good service and almost all chanels is in HD. I would recommend for everyone, there is a huge selection of channels and the most important you can select regions and get only what you need.

    Thank you

  12. Claudio Mirasso (потврден сопственик)

    I have subscribed for 1 month and for the moment it looks very good although it took me some time to install everything and to learn how to move through the app. If it continues working as now, I will most probably renew it for a year.

  13. Westindieman (потврден сопственик)

    I am using m3u file and think ther service has a good amount of channels a lot in HD, also has VOD which had a very brief look at. I have experienced good connections including the restart of the football season, however the matches are all staggered now so its hard to tell how the service would perform on days when the majority of games start the same time. The only time ive had problems with continous freezing is on the Adult channels but this isnt important, its the performance when I am watching live football which is important and I havent had issues with this. I have had issues with the EPG and found it very limited, its only available on few channels so I raised a support ticket which was responded to and dealt with very quickly but i’m still not satisfied all is well but its not a major isssue. So far in comparison to some other servicces I have trialed and discarded over the last 3 months, I am staying with this one.

  14. Dean lee (потврден сопственик)

    Great quality and customer service well worth the money

  15. maurizio Visconti (потврден сопственик)

    The image quality is really exceptional, and on my favorite channels I could see the stability and accuracy of the information, guide tv etc …. I use “Smart iptv” the setup was easy, after the quick reception of the connection information. I have the HK1 Mini Plus, and there, can be because of the remote control, navigation in the menus is quite difficult. but if you can advise a better solution, it would be welcome. In any case the quality of reception is amazing. Thank you.

  16. Julian (потврден сопственик)

    I have had this service for the last 2 weeks and must say it has been excellent so far. No buffering and the quality of some channels is as good as you’ll get on cable. Very pleased!

  17. ALINA BACIU (потврден сопственик)

    Très bonne connection, réponse rapide, une gamme très variée des chaînes, je suis très contente avec votre service.

    Un grand merci

  18. Paolo (потврден сопственик)

    The instructions on the email would need to be a little more detailed but luckily in their page there is a step by step process. The channels I received is exactly what I expected and much more!

  19. Rashad (потврден сопственик)

    The process was quick and simple. So far the service looks good and stable. No issues.

  20. Genzo (потврден сопственик)

    Excellent service, good quality, and support is good as well.

  21. Francois Peeters (потврден сопственик)

    Quick response,service,and professionalism.
    Picture is stable unlike many other servers

  22. EG (потврден сопственик)

    Would definitely recommend. Easy to setup and great quality / value for money.

  23. Ettore (потврден сопственик)

    Great service very quick installation and great quality

  24. Jiannis

    Four stars as you need to improve the feedback on issues.
    Except the above i am happy with the quality and the available channels

  25. Costas Potamianos (потврден сопственик)

    It’s pretty good iptv. What he says is this. The best !!

  26. philippe regueira (потврден сопственик)

    Un Grand Merci pour la réception rapide des codes Xtream.
    La connexion est Très bonne, changement de chaîne sans latence, le bouquet de chaîne est variés, Très satisfait de votre offre.

  27. ronald10i (потврден сопственик)

    Works well Easy setup.Start with 1 month but will continue after 1 month. Service is quick en with the tutorials it’s easy ro set up.My enigma2 xtrend 7500 receiver works well

  28. Daniel Drzewiecki (потврден сопственик)

    Very satisfied, good service and will definitely recommend.

  29. Oli Cesco (потврден сопственик)

    Channels well divided, working good so far. No off time and TV channel names are correct

  30. Martin Kyuchukov (потврден сопственик)

    I just bought a monthly subscription to give this provider a go and so far everything seems to be good. Haven´t had any problems. My previous IPTV used to freeze a lot and loop often but I haven´t had any of those problems with this one so far. A friend recommended these guys to me and he has been using them for 4 years so I expect good results.

  31. Adamis Cupka (потврден сопственик)

    The best service out there.

  32. PHILLIP EDWARDS (потврден сопственик)

    So far great service will buy again

  33. Andy blower (потврден сопственик)

    Been using royal service for some time it’s always been stable and the channels load quickly I’ve had very little issues a very good service I highly recommend

  34. R (потврден сопственик)

    Great service haven’t had any issues

  35. Marco Pita (потврден сопственик)

    There are some missing channels (UK) as my request in the purchase i have sent an email explaining this issue… but nothing from the “client service” or what ever is called. At this moment my review is 3 stars.

  36. Damian Cryne (потврден сопственик)

    So far its been the biz. Cant complain.. Well impressed

  37. Inger (потврден сопственик)

    I highly recommend this. Very high quality service with lot of quality channels.

  38. Arildott2022

    The best IPTV on the Market! Quality on the channels and service is super

  39. Jon-t (потврден сопственик)

    Beste IPTV på markedet. Har prøvd flere, men denne er absolutt den beste

  40. Arildott2022

    Beste leverandør. Anbefales!

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